Neoheresy was brought into being in the year 2012. After recording the last material named Hellveto – “Damnaretis”,
it is time for a stylistic evolution resulting in the change of the project’s name. The music conception of Neoheresy horde
is directed towards monumental Black Metal with the influence of ancient folk and symphonic music as well as dark ambient. One man continues to perform all the instruments as well as the lyrical and vocal part. Moreover, live drums, some types of electric and acoustic guitars, keyboard, synths and ethnical instruments are being used in the project.
The music Neoheresy has an emotional and hegemonic overtone due to the solo character of the performance…
"Roda" track taken from last Neoheresy album "Roda" recorded at Winter/Spring 2018 and published only in digital format. 
Trailer for "Talionis" album recorded at Winter 2013/2014 and released on limited Digipack at 2015.